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Bring everywhere you go with this new and beautiful radio app.

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SpeakSwift makes your device speak out loud any sentence you type, in any of the 35 supported languages.

You can control the pitch and rate of each voice, save any speech text to your favorites list for later use and edit or play them right from your favorites list.

  • 35 supported languages.
  • Control voice pitch.
  • Control voice rate
  • Save speech texts to your favorites list.
  • Edit or Play speech texts directly from your favorites.
  • Free!
SpeakSwift was shown on the Apple Keynote of October 16th 2014 together with a bunch of other apps written in the Swift programming language. SpeakSwift on Apple Keynote 2014-10-16 Swift apps

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ColorWave will color your world!

ColorWave is a fun and addictive board game. The objective of the game is to fill the board with colors until the whole board has turned into one color. But beware, you only have a limited amount of steps to complete each level.

  • Fun and addictive!
  • Unlimited amount of levels to play!
  • Pick your preferred difficulty setting!
  • Multiple color schemes!
  • Very colorful!
  • Free!

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NeonTic Tac Toe

NeonTic Tac Toe is the classic addictive two player Tic Tac Toe board game that is now looking more thrilling than ever with its beautiful neon theme.

Play against your friends and try to beat them! NeonTic Tac Toe is now available from the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPod, iPad and from the Google Play Store for Android devices.

  • Fun and addictive!
  • Play against your friends!
  • Beautiful neon theme!
  • Free!

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Lenny SoundBoard

The Lenny SoundBoard app is filled with funny voice samples of Lenny and was developed as a gift to him.

  • 15 funny voice samples!
  • Free!

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The app was developed for the Dutch online student community

With the app, students can read news from the magazine, search for internships and jobs, find student discounts based on their location and take part in contests to win prizes.

  • Read magazine articles!
  • Search for internships and jobs!
  • Find location based student discounts!
  • Take part in contests to win prizes!
  • Free!

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USG People investor news

USG People investor news app

The USG People investor news app was created in 2011 to retrieve the latest stock quote information, read USG People press releases, download and read the latest annual magazine, browse the latest annual report and download and read the latest quarterly results.

  • Retrieve the latest stock quote information!
  • Read USG People press releases!
  • Download and read the latest annual magazine!
  • Browse the latest annual report!
  • Download and read the latest quarterly results!
  • Free!

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